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Examination DVA-C01 for AWS Certified Developer Associate

AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA-C01) exams should be taken by developers. The test establishes a candidate's aptitude for the following tasks: Demonstrate knowledge of key AWS services, applications, and basic architectural best practices. Use AWS to demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to create, deploy, and troubleshoot cloud-based applications.

Criteria for the DVA-C01 Test

Before taking the Amazon DVA-C01 exam, you must have:

  • At least a year's worth of experience creating and managing AWS-based apps
  • Capable of using and interacting with AWS services, with knowledge and proficiency in at least one high-level programming language
  • Having experience writing serverless application code and constructing applications utilizing the AWS service SDKs, APIs, and AWS CLI.

Types of Responses

The test contains two categories of questions:

  • Multiple choice: There is one correct answer and three wrong answers (distractors)
  • Multiple responses: Has two or more accurate replies out of a possible five.

It Is Recommended To Have Some Fundamental IT Expertise.

The following qualities should be present in the ideal candidate:

  1. Having a thorough knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
  2. Knowledge of application lifecycle management
  3. The ability to create code for serverless applications
  4. being aware of the function that containers play in the growth process

Syllabus Outline for DVA-C01 - AWS Certified Developer Associate Ex

Exam Formatting

Total Exam Questions: 65 Inquiries
Time allowed: 2 hours
Passing marks: 720 at least
Language: English
Cost: 300 USD
Exam delivery: person VUE

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Sample Questions

Question 1

A developer is working on a Python application that runs on Amazon EC2 instances. The developer wants to enable tracing of application requests to debug performance issues in the code. Which combination of actions should the developer take to achieve this goal? (Select TWO.) 

A. Install the Amazon CloudWatch agent on the EC2 instances. 
B. Install the AWS X-Ray daemon on the EC2 instances 
C. Configure the application to write JSON-formatted logs to /var/log/cloudwatch. 
D. Configure the application to write trace data to /var/log/xray. 
E. Install and configure the AWS X-Ray SDK for Python in the application. 


Question 2

A company has an application that runs on AWS Elastic Beanstalk in a load-balanced environment. The company needs to update the instance types in the environment to a more recent generation of instance types. The company must minimize downtime during the deployment of this configuration change. Which deployment options will meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

 A. Disabled 
B. Rolling based on Health 
C. Immutable 
D. All at once
 E. Canary 


Question 3

A development team set up a pipeline to launch a test environment. The developers want to automate tests for their application. The team created an AWS CodePipeline stage to deploy the application to a test environment in batches using AWS Elastic Beanstalk. A later CodePipeline stage contains a single action that uses AWS CodeBuild to run numerous automated Selenium-based tests on the deployed application. The team must speed up the pipeline without removing any of the individual tests. Which set of actions will MOST effectively speed up application deployment and testing?

A. Set up an all-at-once deployment in Elastic Beanstalk. Run tests in parallel with multiple CodeBuild actions. 
B. Set up a rolling update in Elastic Beanstalk. Run tests in serial with a single CodeBuild action. 
C. Set up an immutable update in Elastic Beanstalk. Run tests in serial with a single CodeBuild action. 
D. Set up a traffic-splitting deployment in Elastic Beanstalk. Run tests in parallel with multiple CodeBuild actions. 


Question 4

A developer wants to migrate a Windows .NET application that is running on IIS with a Microsoft SQL Server database to AWS. The developer does not want to think about provisioning and managing the infrastructure. What should the developer do to migrate the application with the LEAST amount of effort? 

A. Launch Amazon EC2 instances for Windows Server. Back up and restore the database to Amazon RDS. Deploy the web application to the new EC2 instances 
B. Back up and restore the database to Amazon RDS. Use the .NET Migration Assistant for AWS Elastic Beanstalk to migrate the web application to a preconfigured solution stack that Elastic Beanstalk provides. 
C. Migrate the database to Amazon DynamoDB Use Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda to create a web application interface that is hosted in an Amazon S3 bucket. 
D. Containerize the application on premises. Push the image to Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR). Create an AWS CloudFormation template to deploy the application


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