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DBS-C01 - AWS Certified Database – Specialty exam

The AWS Certified Database - Specialty (DBS-C01) exam should be taken by people who hold database-related positions. The purpose of this exam is to assess a candidate's comprehensive database expertise, including design, migration, deployment, access, upkeep, automation, monitoring, security, and troubleshooting.

AWS DBS-C01 exam formatting

Type of questions: Multiple choice and multi response
Cost of exam: $200-300 USD
Time allowed: 1-2 hours
Total questions: 65 questions
Language: English, Korean, Japanese
Type of exam: VUE persona VUE persona

Candidates must needed experience and expertise

Understand and be able to differentiate the main attributes of AWS database services. Utilize AWS services to evaluate needs and specifications, create acceptable database solutions, and make suggestions.

What kind of questions will be asked in AWS DBS-C01 exam?

There are two types of questions on the exam:

  1. A multiple-choice question has one right response and three incorrect ones (distractors)
  2. Has at least two correct responses out of at least five potential ones.

Syllabus coverage for AWS Certified Database – Specialty (DBS-C01)

Sample Questions

Question 1

A Database Specialist is creating Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, and associated infrastructure for an Application team using a development AWS account. The team wants a deployment method that will standardize the core solution components while managing environmentspecific settings separately, and wants to minimize rework due to configuration errors. Which process should the Database Specialist recommend to meet these requirements?

A. Organize common and environmental-specific parameters hierarchically in the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, then reference the parameters dynamically from an AWS CloudFormation template. Deploy the CloudFormation stack using the environment name as a parameter. 
B. Create a parameterized AWS CloudFormation template that builds the required objects. Keep separate environment parameter files in separate Amazon S3 buckets. Provide an AWS CLI command that deploys the CloudFormation stack directly referencing the appropriate parameter bucket.
 C. Create a parameterized AWS CloudFormation template that builds the required objects. Import the template into the CloudFormation interface in the AWS Management Console. Make the required changes to the parameters and deploy the CloudFormation stack. 
D. Create an AWS Lambda function that builds the required objects using an AWS SDK. Set the required parameter values in a test event in the Lambda console for each environment that the Application team can modify, as needed. Deploy the infrastructure by triggering the test event in the console. 


Question 2

A retail company uses Amazon Redshift Spectrum to run complex analytical queries on objects that are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. The objects are joined with multiple dimension tables that are stored in an Amazon Redshift database. The company uses the database to create monthly and quarterly aggregated reports. Users who attempt to run queries are reporting the following error message: error: Spectrum Scan Error: Access throttled Which solution will resolve this error? 

A. Check file sizes of fact tables in Amazon S3, and look for large files. Break up large files into smaller files of equal size between 100 MB and 1 GB 
B. Reduce the number of queries that users can run in parallel. 
C. Check file sizes of fact tables in Amazon S3, and look for small files. Merge the small files into larger files of at least 64 MB in size. 
D. Review and optimize queries that submit a large aggregation step to Redshift Spectrum.


Question 3

A manufacturing company has an. inventory system that stores information in an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster. The database tables are partitioned. The database size has grown to 3 TB. Users run one-time queries by using a SQL client. Queries that use an equijoin to join large tables are taking a long time to run. Which action will improve query performance with the LEAST operational effort?

A. Migrate the database to a new Amazon Redshift data warehouse. 
B. Enable hash joins on the database by setting the variable optimizer_switch to hash_join=on. 
C. Take a snapshot of the DB cluster. Create a new DB instance by using the snapshot, and enable parallel query mode. 
D. Add an Aurora read replica. 


Question 4

A business is launching a new Amazon RDS for SQL Server database instance. The organization wishes to allow auditing of the SQL Server database. Which measures should a database professional perform in combination to achieve this requirement? (Select two.) 

A. Create a service-linked role for Amazon RDS that grants permissions for Amazon RDS to store audit logs on Amazon S3. 
B. Set up a parameter group to configure an IAM role and an Amazon S3 bucket for audit log storage. Associate the parameter group with the DB instance.
 C. Disable Multi-AZ on the DB instance, and then enable auditing. Enable Multi-AZ after auditing is enabled. 
D. Disable automated backup on the DB instance, and then enable auditing. Enable automated backup after auditing is enabled. 
E. Set up an options group to configure an IAM role and an Amazon S3 bucket for audit log storage. Associate the options group with the DB instance. 


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