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We all begin to deliberating how may we progress ourselves at one time in our lives. If you are a DevOps Engineer and intending the alike thing, this article may assist you! The DOP-C01 Dumps is a brilliant path to acquire career improvements in the IT world. In what way to obtain it? And what do you need prior to you do? This editorial answers to each of your questions.

Learning These Details About DOP-C01 Dumps Saves You from Letdown!

The intention of an exam is actually vital to know. In case you are expected to become one of its candidates, it is the essential. So, take hold of a pencil & a notepad and initiate note down these facts:

Genuine AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Question Answers: Who is it aimed at?

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam aims at improving an individual’s personage’s skills that is hopeful to accomplish a DevOps engineer role. Later than qualifying the Amazon DOP-C01 exam the obtains practical know-how to provision, unction, and achieve the disseminated application systems on the AWS platform.  

Furthermore, the duties catalog underneath turns to be an effortless job for the aspirant: 

  • Implementing and handling constant supply systems and practices on AWS environments
  • Implementing and programming protection controls authority practices, and compliance authentication
  • Defining and organizing meters, and logging schemes on AWS environments
  • Implementing  decidedly accessible, scalable, and self-preservation structures on the AWS platform
  • Designing, handling, and preserving automate operative processes gears

How to Learn in The Event You an Eligible student for the DOP-C01 Exam?

If you are planning to undertake the DOP-C01 exam you have to achieve these prerequisites:

  • Must possess 2 or beyond years of experience to delivery, drive, and manage AWS environments
  • Must  likewise own the practice to formulate codes in included in the high-level  computer languages

Recommended Facts for Each DOP-C01 qualified Students :

Aside from the aforementioned know-how, the eligible aspirant has to similarly have the facts to:

  • Highly  computerized setups
  • oversee computer-aided learning
  • Understand  contemporary expansion and operations  procedures, and approaches

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional (DOP-C01) Exam: Format, Style, Charges, Topics & more

Not knowing your planned exam’s layout is a big off limits. So, begin with the basics for instance, requisites and then set upon the additionally fundamental i.e., pattern, topic, etc... You can get benefit from our services at

DOP-C01 Exam Format:

DOP-C01 Practice Exam Questions is a professional on-screen supervised exam. It consists of 75 questions in equally multiple-choice and multiple-response styles. DOP-C01 allows a time frame of around 180 minutes to complete the exam. Plus, it costs around 300 USD and a further 40 USD in case you are purchasing practice exams as well.

DOP-C01 Exam DEMO Questions:

The exam similarly includes 10 sample questions. The aim of these unscored questions is to collect data regarding candidate presentation. They don’t affect the exam grade. But, these unscored questions are not recognized on the exam. Hence, they could be anyone of the total 75 questions.

DOP-C01 Exam Result:

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional (DOP-C01) exam is scored according to AWS lowest criterion. The result will be stated similar to a scaled grade of 100–1,000. The qualifying grade for the DOP-C01 exam is 750.

DOP-C01 Exam Topic:

Like all Amazon exams, DOP-C01 similarly contains weightings, exam areas, and objectives. A catalog of the focus on the exam with the ratio of all domains is provided as below given: 

  • SDLC Automation 22%
  • Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code 19%
  • Monitoring and Logging 15%
  • Policies and Standards Automation 10%
  • Incident and Event Response 18%
  • High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recover 16% 

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Sample Questions

Question 1

A company has deployed several applications globally. Recently, Security Auditors found that few Amazon EC2 instances were launched without Amazon EBS disk encryption. The Auditors have requested a report detailing all EBS volumes that were not encrypted in multiple AWS accounts and regions. They also want to be notified whenever this occurs in future.How can this be automated with the LEAST amount of operational overhead? 

A. Create an AWS Lambda function to set up an AWS Config rule on all the targetaccounts. Use AWS Config aggregators to collect data from multiple accounts and regions.Export the aggregated report to an Amazon S3 bucket and use Amazon SNS to deliver thenotifications.
B. Set up AWS CloudTrail to deliver all events to an Amazon S3 bucket in a centralizedaccount. Use the S3 event notification feature to invoke an AWS Lambda function to parseAWS CloudTrail logs whenever logs are delivered to the S3 bucket. Publish the output toan Amazon SNS topic using the same Lambda function.
C. Create an AWS CloudFormation template that adds an AWS Config managed rule forEBS encryption. Use a CloudFormation stack set to deploy the template across allaccounts and regions. Store consolidated evaluation results from config rules in AmazonS3. Send a notification using Amazon SNS when non- compliant resources are detected.
D. Using AWS CLI, run a script periodically that invokes the aws ec2 describe-volumesquery with a JMESPATH query filter. Then, write the output to an Amazon S3 bucket. Setup an S3 event notification to send events using Amazon SNS when new data is written tothe S3 bucket


Question 2

A company's application is running on Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group. A DevOps engineer needs to ensure there are at least four application servers running at all times. Whenever an update has to be made to the application, the engineer creates a new AMI with the updated configuration and updates the AWS CloudFormation template with the new AMI ID. After the stack update finishes, the engineer manually terminates the old instances one by one. verifying that the new instance is operational before proceeding. The engineer needs to automate this process.Which action will allow for the LEAST number of manual steps moving forward?  

A. Update the CloudFormation template to include the UpdatePolicy attribute with theAutoScalingRollingUpdate policy.
B. Update the CloudFormation template to include the UpdatePolicy attribute with theAutoScalingReplacingUpdate policy.
C. Use an Auto Scaling lifecycle hook to verify that the previous instance is operationalbefore allowing the DevOps engineer's selected instance to terminate.
D. Use an Auto Scaling lifecycle hook to confirm there are at least four running instancesbefore allowing the DevOps engineer's selected instance to terminate.


Question 3

A highly regulated company has a policy that DevOps Engineers should not log in to theirAmazon EC2 instances except in emergencies. If a DevOps Engineer does log in, theSecurity team must be notified within 15 minutes of the occurrence.Which solution will meet these requirements?

A. Install the Amazon Inspector agent on each EC2 instance. Subscribe to AmazonCloudWatch Events notifications. Trigger an AWS Lambda function to check if a messageis about user logins. If it is, send a notification to the Security team using Amazon SNS.
B. Install the Amazon CloudWatch agent on each EC2 instance. Configure the agent topush all logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs and set up a CloudWatch metric filter thatsearches for user logins. If a login is found, send a notification to the Security team usingAmazon SNS.
C. Set up AWS CloudTrail with Amazon CloudWatch Logs. Subscribe CloudWatch Logs toAmazon Kinesis. Attach AWS Lambda to Kinesis to parse and determine if a log contains auser login. If it does, send a notification to the Security team using Amazon SNS.
D. Set up a script on each Amazon EC2 instance to push all logs to Amazon S3. Set up anS3 event to trigger an AWS Lambda function, which triggers an Amazon Athena query torun. The Athena query checks for logins and sends the output to the Security team usingAmazon SNS. 


Question 4

An IT team has built an AWS CloudFormation template so others in the company canquickly and reliably deploy and terminate an application. The template creates an AmazonEC2 instance with a user data script to install the application and an Amazon S3 bucketthat the application uses to serve static webpages while it is running.All resources should be removed when the CloudFormation stack is deleted. However, theteam observes that CloudFormation reports an error during stack deletion, and the S3bucket created by the stack is not deleted.How can the team resolve the error in the MOST efficient manner to ensure that allresources are deleted without errors?

A. Add Deletion Policy attribute to the S3 bucket resource, with the value Delete forcing thebucket to be removed when the stack is deleted.
B. Add a custom resource when an AWS Lambda function with the DependsOn attributespecifying the S3 bucket, and an IAM role. Writhe the Lambda function to delete all objectsfrom the bucket when the RequestType is Delete.
C. Identify the resource that was not deleted. From the S3 console, empty the S3 bucketand then delete it.
D. Replace the EC2 and S3 bucket resources with a single AWS OpsWorks Stacksresource. Define a custom recipe for the stack to create and delete the EC2 instance andthe S3 bucket.


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