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Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer DOP-C01

This certification helps businesses discover and develop the basic skills needed to use cloud drives. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional certification verifies the proficiency in automating the foundation and app testing processes for AWS.

What type of skills required to appear in AWS DOP-C01 exam?

Implement and manage AWS systems and procedures for continuous delivery. Second, put governance practices, security controls, and compliance checks into place and automate them. AWS logging, measurement, and monitoring systems may also be created and installed. Understand how to construct highly available, scalable, and self-healing systems using the AWS platform. The ability to develop, oversee, and maintain systems that automate business operations is the last need.

Exam formatting for DOP-C01 - AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Format of Exam Multiple Choice Questions, Drag and Drop, Multiple Answers
Exam fee: USD 300$
Exam language: English
Time allowed: 120 minutes
Total Questions: 65 questions
Passing score 750 marks at least
Exam delivery via: person VUE

For AMAZON AWS DOP-C01 Exam who will be able to take this exam

The target contender must have experience dealing with, managing, and providing AWS circumstances for at least two years. Additionally, the goal contender must have worked with at least one programming language of a considerable degree.

Exam domains for AWS Certified Professional certificate

  • Chapter 1: SDLC Automation 22%
  • Chapter 2: Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code 19%
  • Chapter 3: Monitoring and Logging 15%
  • Chapter 4: Policies and Standards Automation 10%
  • Chapter 5: Incident and Event Response 18%
  • Chapter 6: High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recover 16%

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Sample Questions

Question 1

A DevOps engineer is deploying a new version of a company's application in an AWSCodeDeploy deployment group associated with its Amazon EC2 instances. After sometime, the deployment fails. The engineer realizes that all the events associated with thespecific deployment ID are in a Skipped status, and code was not deployed in theinstances associated with the deployment group.What are valid reasons for this failure? (Select TWO.)

A. The networking configuration does not allow the EC2 instances to reach the internet viaa NAT gateway or internet gateway, and the CodeDeploy endpoint cannot be reached.
B. The IAM user who triggered the application deployment does not have permission tointeract with the CodeDeploy endpoint.
C. The target EC2 instances were not properly registered with the CodeDeploy endpoint.
D. An instance profile with proper permissions was not attached to the target EC2instances.
E. The appspec.yrnl file was not included in the application revision.


Question 2

An online retail company based in the United States plans to expand its operations toEurope and Asia in the next six months. Its product currently runs onAmazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in anAmazon EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. All data is stored in anAmazon Aurora database instance.When the product is deployed in multiple regions, the company wants a single productcatalog across all regions, but for compliance purposes, its customer information andpurchases must be kept in each region.How should the company meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of applicationchanges?

A. Use Amazon Redshift for the product catalog and Amazon DynamoDB tables for thecustomer information and purchases. 
B. Use Amazon DynamoDB global tables for the product catalog and regional tables for thecustomer information and purchases
C. Use Aurora with read replicas for the product catalog and additional local Aurorainstances in each region for the customer information and purchases.
D. Use Aurora for the product catalog and Amazon DynamoDB global tables for thecustomer information and purchases.


Question 3

A security review has identified that an AWS CodeBuild project is downloading a databasepopulation script from an Amazon S3 bucket using an unauthenticated request. Thesecurity team does not allow unauthenticated requests to S3 buckets for this project.How can this issue be corrected in the MOST secure manner?

A. Add the bucket name to the AllowedBuckets section of the CodeBuild project settings.Update the build spec to use the AWS CLI to download the databasepopulation script.
B. Modify the S3 bucket settings to enable HTTPS basic authentication and specify atoken. Update the build spec to use cURL to pass the token and download the databasepopulation script.
C. Remove unauthenticated access from the S3 bucket with a bucket policy. Modify theservice role for the CodeBuild project to include Amazon S3 access. Use the AWS CLI todownload the database population script.
D. Remove unauthenticated access from the S3 bucket with a bucket policy. Use the AWSCLI to download the database population script using an IAM access key and a secretaccess key.


Question 4

A company is using AWS CodePipeline to automate its release pipeline. AWS CodeDeploy is being used in the pipeline to deploy an application to Amazon ECS using the blue/green deployment model. The company wants to implement scripts to shifting traffic. These scripts will complete in 5 minutes or less If errors are discovered during these tests, the application must be rolled back. Which strategy will meet these requirements?

A. Add a stage to the CodePipeline pipeline between the source and deploy stages UseAWS CodeBuild to create an execution environment and build commands in the buildspecfile to invoke test scripts If errors are found, use the aws deploy stop-deployment commandto stop the deployment
B. Add a stage to the CodePipeline pipeline between the source and deploy stages Usethis stage to execute an AWSLambda function that will run the test scripts If errors are found, use the aws deploy stopdeployment command to stop the deployment.
C. Add a hooks section to the CodeDeploy AppSpec file Use the AfterAllowTestTrafficlifecycle event to invoke an AWS Lambda function to run the test scripts. If errors arefound, exit the Lambda function with an error to trigger rollback.
D. Add a hooks section to the CodeDeploy AppSpec file Use the AfterAllowTraffic lifecycleevent to invoke the test scripts. If errors are found, use the aws deploy stop-deploymentCLI command to stop the deployment.


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