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Question 1

An Alexa Skill Builder built a skill using AWS LambdA. The Lambda function works whenrunning the code ona local machine with a runtime of 4.5 seconds, but during skill testing, the Builder receivesan error response.Which collection of steps will address the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Change the Amazon Alexa default timeout to 5 seconds.  
A. Change the Amazon Alexa default timeout to 5 seconds.  
C. Call the Progressive Response API and send a directive to reduce latency.  
D. Increase the size of the memory allocated to the Lambda function.  
E. Clone the Lambda function to another AWS Region.  


Question 2

An Amazon Alexa skill fetches data for users from a third-party API and the wait forthe response from that call is variable, often taking up to 5 seconds.What is the recommended method for notifying users that a skill is working on the requestand has not failed to respond? 

A. Prefetch the data that is expected to the required by the skill from the third-party APIusing Amazon CloudWatch Events.
B. Call the Progressive Response API and send a directive, such asVoicePlayer.Speak 
C. Ask a follow-up question for clarification to engage the user while waiting for the initiallyrequested response.
D. Respond to the user stating that the data will be ready soon, and upon the next launchof the skill, providethe user with the response they initially requested.


Question 3

An Alexa Skill Builder receives feedback from users that a specific utterance causesAmazon Alexa to trigger the skill’sAMAZON.HelpIntentrather than triggering thecorrect intent and slot.How can the Builder reproduce this behavior to troubleshoot the problem? 

A. Use the AWS Lambda test feature to send a request with the given intent andslot combination.
B. Set up a unit test in the code base to simulate what happens when the given intentand slot combinationare dispatched within the skill.
C. Use the Manual JSON tab on the Test page of the developer console to see whathappens when a requestfor the given intent and slot combination is sent to the skill
D. Use the Alexa Simulator tab on the Test page of the developer console to test theutterances the usershave reported.


Question 4

An Alexa Skill Builder built a skill with the following interaction model: An Alexa Skill Builder built a skill with the following interaction model:Which utterance would invokeHelloIntent? 

A. “Alexa, use my first skill to say hello.” 
B. “Alexa, ask my first skill to say hello to John.” 
C. “Alexa, open my first skill.” 
D. “Alexa, say hello to my first skill.” 


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