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AWS Certified Database - Specialty exam DBS-C01

The AWS Certified Database - Specialty (DBS-C01) exam should be taken by people who hold database-related positions. A candidate's full understanding of databases, including design, migration, deployment, access, upkeep, automation, monitoring, security, and troubleshooting, is confirmed by this test.

Candidates must have abilities for certificate.

  • Identify and differentiate between the fundamental traits of AWS database services.
  • Utilize AWS services to construct acceptable database solutions, assess needs and requirements, and make suggestions.

Exam DBS-C01 response formats

There are two types of questions on the exam:

Has two or more appropriate answers out of five or more available answers in a multiple-choice question when there is only one correct response and three incorrect ones (distractors).

DBS-C01 Exam Formatting

Type of questions: Two Types of questions
Structure of questions: Multiple choice and multi-response
Cost of exam: $200-300 USD
Time allowed: 1-2 hours
Total Questions: 65 questions
Language: English, Korean, Japanese
Exam Type: VUE persona

Sample Questions

Question 1

An internet advertising firm stores its data in an Amazon DynamoDb table. Amazon DynamoDB Streams are enabled on the table, and one of the keys has a global secondary index. The table is encrypted using a customer-managed AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) key. The firm has chosen to grow worldwide and want to duplicate the database using DynamoDB global tables in a new AWS Region. An administrator observes the following upon review: No role with the dynamodb: CreateGlobalTable permission exists in the account. An empty table with the same name exists in the new Region where replication is desired. A global secondary index with the same partition key but a different sort key exists in the new Region where replication is desired. Which settings will prevent you from creating a global table or replica in the new Region? (Select two.)

A. A global secondary index with the same partition key but a different sort key exists in the new Region where replication is desired. 
B. An empty table with the same name exists in the Region where replication is desired. 
C. No role with the dynamodb:CreateGlobalTable permission exists in the account. 
D. DynamoDB Streams is enabled for the table. 
E. The table is encrypted using a KMS customer managed key. 


Question 2

A company is planning to use Amazon RDS for SQL Server for one of its critical applications. The company's security team requires that the users of the RDS for SQL Server DB instance are authenticated with on-premises Microsoft Active Directory credentials. Which combination of steps should a database specialist take to meet this requirement? (Choose three.) 

A. Extend the on-premises Active Directory to AWS by using AD Connector. 
B. Create an IAM user that uses the AmazonRDSDirectoryServiceAccess managed IAM policy. 
C. Create a directory by using AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory. 
D. Create an Active Directory domain controller on Amazon EC2. 
E. Create an IAM role that uses the AmazonRDSDirectoryServiceAccess managed IAM policy. 
F. Create a one-way forest trust from the AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory directory to the on-premises Active Directory. 


Question 3

A company hosts a 2 TB Oracle database in its on-premises data center. A database specialist is migrating the database from on premises to an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL database on AWS. The database specialist identifies a problem that relates to compatibility Oracle stores metadata in its data dictionary in uppercase, but PostgreSQL stores the metadata in lowercase. The database specialist must resolve this problem to complete the migration. What is the MOST operationally efficient solution that meets these requirements? 

A. Override the default uppercase format of Oracle schema by encasing object names in quotation marks during creation. 
B. Use AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) mapping rules with rule-action as convert-lowercase. 
C. Use the AWS Schema Conversion Tool conversion agent to convert the metadata from uppercase to lowercase. 
D. Use an AWS Glue job that is attached to an AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) replication task to convert the metadata from uppercase to lowercase. 


Question 4

A company is developing a multi-tier web application hosted on AWS using Amazon Aurora as the database. The application needs to be deployed to production and other nonproduction environments. A Database Specialist needs to specify different MasterUsername and MasterUserPassword properties in the AWS CloudFormation templates used for automated deployment. The CloudFormation templates are version controlled in the company’s code repository. The company also needs to meet compliance requirement by routinely rotating its database master password for production. What is most secure solution to store the master password?

A. Store the master password in a parameter file in each environment. Reference the environment-specific parameter file in the CloudFormation template. 
B. Encrypt the master password using an AWS KMS key. Store the encrypted master password in the CloudFormation template. 
C. Use the secretsmanager dynamic reference to retrieve the master password stored in AWS Secrets Manager and enable automatic rotation. 
D. Use the ssm dynamic reference to retrieve the master password stored in the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store and enable automatic rotation. 


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