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Question 1

A company needs to low-code, visual workflow service that developers can use to build distributed applications. Which AWS service is designated to meet these requirements? 

A. AWS Step Functions 
B. AWS Config 
C. AWS Lambda 
D. Amazon CloudWatch 


Question 2

A company needs to block SQL injection attacks. Which AWS service or feature provides this functionality?  

B. Network ACLs 
C. Security groups 
D. AWS Trusted Advisor 


Question 3

Which AWS service allows a user to provision a managed MySQL DB instance? 

A. Amazon DynamoDB 
B. Amazon Redshift 
C. Amazon RDS 
D. AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) 


Question 4

A company wants to migrate its Microsoft SQL Server database management system from on premises to the AWS Cloud. Which AWS service should the company use to reduce management overhead for this environment? 

A. Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) 
B. Amazon SageMaker
 C. Amazon RDS 
D. Amazon Athena 


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