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What sort of individuals are urged to sign up for this exam?

The AWS Certified Security - Specialty (SCS-C01) Exam is suggested for persons who work in security-related fields. The test measures a candidate's ability to persuadably present their grasp of safeguarding the AWS platform.

Exam outline for SCS-C01

  • Incident Response 12%
  • Logging and Monitoring 20%
  • Infrastructure Security 26%
  • Identity and Access Management 20%
  • Data Protection 22%

Important knowledge required to pass this exam

The candidate who ought to take this exam must be skillful in these following:

  1. The AWS shared responsibility model and its use
  2. Methods to improve AWS security services using third-party tools and services;
  3. Security controls for AWS workloads;
  4. Logging and monitoring techniques;
  5. Cloud security threat models;
  6. Patch management and security automation
  7. Cloud security threat models
  8. Disaster recovery measures, such as backups and BCP
  9. Data Retention
  10. Access Control
  11. Encryption

AWS Certified Security - Specialty SCS-C01

One may undertake cloud projects and increase their understanding of workloads, data security, and AWS clouds with the aid of this crucial certification. It is currently a very sought-after credential in the industry. If you want to get this certification, you must use the appropriate study resources to get ready for it.

Exam structure formatting

Passing score: 72%
Type of Questions: Multiple choice (MCQs), multiple answers
Language of Exam: English, Japanese, Korean.
Duration of Exam: 170 minutes
Total Questions: 65 questions
No negative marking for wrong answers

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Sample Questions

Question 1

A company needs to encrypt all of its data stored in Amazon S3. The company wants to use IAM Key Management Service (IAM KMS) to create and manage its encryption keys. The company's security policies require the ability to Import the company's own key material for the keys, set an expiration date on the keys, and delete keys immediately, if needed. How should a security engineer set up IAM KMS to meet these requirements?

A. Configure IAM KMS and use a custom key store. Create a customer managed CMK with  no key material Import the company's keys and key material into the CMK
B. Configure IAM KMS and use the default Key store Create an IAM managed CMK with no key material Import the company's key material into the CMK 
C. Configure IAM KMS and use the default key store Create a customer managed CMK with no key material import the company's key material into the CMK 
D. Configure IAM KMS and use a custom key store. Create an IAM managed CMK with no key material. Import the company's key material into the CMK. 


Question 2

A company has multiple departments. Each department has its own IAM account. All these accounts belong to the same organization in IAM Organizations. A large .csv file is stored in an Amazon S3 bucket in the sales department's IAM account. The company wants to allow users from the other accounts to access the .csv file's content through the combination of IAM Glue and Amazon Athena. However, the company does not want to allow users from the other accounts to access other files in the same folder. Which solution will meet these requirements?

A. Apply a user policy in the other accounts to allow IAM Glue and Athena lo access the .csv We. 
B. Use S3 Select to restrict access to the .csv lie. In IAM Glue Data Catalog, use S3 Select as the source of the IAM Glue database. 
C. Define an IAM Glue Data Catalog resource policy in IAM Glue to grant cross-account S3 object access to the .csv file. 
D. Grant IAM Glue access to Amazon S3 in a resource-based policy that specifies the organization as the principal. 


Question 3

You are designing a connectivity solution between on-premises infrastructure and Amazon VPC. Your server's on-premises will be communicating with your VPC instances. You will be establishing IPSec tunnels over the internet. Yo will be using VPN gateways and terminating the IPsec tunnels on IAM-supported customer gateways. Which of the following objectives would you achieve by implementing an IPSec tunnel as outlined above? Choose 4 answers form the options below Please select:

A. End-to-end protection of data in transit 
B. End-to-end Identity authentication 
C. Data encryption across the internet 
D. Protection of data in transit over the Internet 
E. Peer identity authentication between VPN gateway and customer gateway 
F. Data integrity protection across the Internet


Question 4

An organization has a multi-petabyte workload that it is moving to Amazon S3, but the CISO is concerned about cryptographic wear-out and the blast radius if a key is compromised. How can the CISO be assured that IAM KMS and Amazon S3 are addressing the concerns? (Select TWO ) 

A. There is no API operation to retrieve an S3 object in its encrypted form. 
B. Encryption of S3 objects is performed within the secure boundary of the KMS service. 
C. S3 uses KMS to generate a unique data key for each individual object. 
D. Using a single master key to encrypt all data includes having a single place to perform audits and usage validation. 
E. The KMS encryption envelope digitally signs the master key during encryption to prevent cryptographic wear-out


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