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The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certificate test is expected for IT Specialists who play out a solution Modeler or DevOps work and have a long time of dynamic contribution with arranging open, cost-capable, deficiency receptive, and flexible dispersed structures on the Amazon Web solutions (AWS) stage. Expecting you at this point have the SAA insistence and you wish you re-affirm, then, you want to step through the exam by August 29 or you can similarly hold on for the new SAA-C03 transformation to arise.


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Target Audience for Amazon Aws Saa-C03 Exam

The candidate who wants to clear Amazon Aws Saa-C03 Exam should have one year working experience in developing cloud solutions by utilizing AWS services. Note: SAA-C03 exam is the newest addition in exam zone, introduce by AMAZON which now confirm to be scheduled on 30th August 2022. This exam is now took the place of SAA-C02 from now on. The SAA-C02 exam will dismiss after 29th August 2022. So you have to know the differentiation between these two structures.

What type of questions asked in SAA-C03 EXAM?

The exam comprises on two type of questions:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Multiple response questions

Exam modules Amazon Aws Saa-C03 Exam

  1. Plan Secure Structures 30%
  2. Plan Tough Designs 26%
  3. Plan High-Performing Structures 24%
  4. Plan Cost-Improved Models 20%

For AWS SAA-C03 exam how much passing marks are required to ace this certificate?

For every candidate at least 720 marks are required to pass this exam and achieving AWS CERTIFIED SOLUTION ARCHITECT ASSOCUATE CERTIFICATE. Without this you should retake the exam by paying extra fee.

How many questions a candidate should attempt in SAA-C03 exam?

In this exam you have given total 65 questions which you should attempt to pass this exam.

What is total fee for AWS SAA-C03 exam?


$150 USD dollars every candidate should pay for enrolling in this exam.

Exam format for Amazon Aws Saa-C03 Exam

Test Code: SAA-C03
Delivery Date: August 30, 2022
Perquisite: None
Time duration: 2 hours 10 minutes (130 minutes)
Type of test: Situation based. Different decision/various responses.
Conveyance Technique: Testing focus or online delegated test

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Sample Questions

Question 1

A company is using AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) keys to encrypt AWSLambda environment variables. A solutions architect needs to ensure that the requiredpermissions are in place to decrypt and use the environment variables.Which steps must the solutions architect take to implement the correct permissions?(Choose two.)

A. Add AWS KMS permissions in the Lambda resource policy.
B. Add AWS KMS permissions in the Lambda execution role.
C. Add AWS KMS permissions in the Lambda function policy.
D. Allow the Lambda execution role in the AWS KMS key policy.
E. Allow the Lambda resource policy in the AWS KMS key policy.


Question 2

A company operates an ecommerce website on Amazon EC2 instances behind anApplication Load Balancer (ALB) in an Auto Scaling group. The site is experiencingperformance issues related to a high request rate from illegitimate external systems withchanging IP addresses. The security team is worried about potential DDoS attacks againstthe website. The company must block the illegitimate incoming requests in a way that has aminimal impact on legitimate users.What should a solutions architect recommend?

A. Deploy Amazon Inspector and associate it with the ALB.
B. Deploy AWS WAF, associate it with the ALB, and configure a rate-limiting rule.
C. Deploy rules to the network ACLs associated with the ALB to block the incoming traffic.
D. Deploy Amazon GuardDuty and enable rate-limiting protection when configuring GuardDuty.


Question 3

A company uses Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to run a containerapplication. The EKS cluster stores sensitive information in the Kubernetes secrets object.The company wants to ensure that the information is encryptedWhich solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?

A. Use the container application to encrypt the information by using AWS Key ManagementService (AWS KMS).
B. Enable secrets encryption in the EKS cluster by using AWS Key Management Service(AWS KMS)_
C. Implement an AWS Lambda tunc√ľon to encrypt the information by using AWS KeyManagement Service (AWS KMS).
D. use AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store to encrypt the information by using AWSKey Management Service (AWS KMS).


Question 4

A company runs a three-tier application in two AWS Regions. The web tier, the applicationtier, and the database tier run on Amazon EC2 instances. The company uses AmazonRDS for Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise for the database tier The database tier isexperiencing high load when weekly and monthly reports are run. The company wants toreduce the load on the database tier.Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST administrative effort?

A. Create read replicas. Configure the reports to use the new read replicas.
B. Convert the RDS database to Amazon DynamoDB_ Configure the reports to useDynamoDB
C. Modify the existing RDS DB instances by selecting a larger instance size.
D. Modify the existing ROS DB instances and put the instances into an Auto Scaling group.


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